History and Culture - Traditional Villas Mantalena in Skyros Island, Gyrismata

History and Culture

Skyros Island is well-known for it’s traditional architecture, it’s Byzantine caste with the monastery of Saint George. It’s carved furniture and last it’s vnigue worldwide small Horses (pony).

According to Greek mythology, Thetis the goddess mother of Achilleas had sent her son to Skyros to avoid taking part in the Trojan campaign so that the prophesy that he would be killed wound not came true.

The ingenious Ulysses come to Skyros and using a cunning trick discovered where Achilleas was. After wards Achilleas became the leader of Mirmithores and he led them to Troy.

During the Macedonian rule, Skyros belonged to the Athenian allotment holders. It came under the rule of the Macedonions and the Romans who donated back to the Athenions.