Skyros Island - Traditional Villas Mantalena in Skyros Island, Gyrismata

Skyros Island

Skyros, an island with a history of centuries and important presence in the course of the Greek reality, is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Enwrapped by the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, with lush vegetation and spectacular morphology, is the perfect destination for a holiday of pleasure and enjoyment. On this island lived Achilles, Neoptolemus, Lycomedes and Theseus, and here he met his end. Over the centuries all nations who passed by the island of Skyros left their mark, where even today through art, traditions, manners, and customs of Skyros, the influences of these cultures are obvious.

It belongs to the Northern Sporades and located very close to Evia. In Skyros coexist in total harmony green and blue creating landscapes and enchanting beauty images. Whatever time of year you visit the island of Skyros, will surely be enthralled by the multitude of colors. Scattered mainly in the northern part of the island, there are picturesque villages, each with its own distinct beauty that completes the overview of Skyros that captures its visitors.

From the Chora or Chorio (village) which is the capital of the island in majestic settlements such as Pefki, Atsitsa, Magiazia or Molos, you will find beautiful landscapes and enchanting destinations for your holidays. Whether you are looking for a holiday destination of calmness and relaxation, or a vacation full of activities and adventure, Skyros offers something special for everyone.

In Skyros island are some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece. The long beach with golden sand that joins Magazia with Molos, is a classic example of the quality that you will find in Skyros beaches. Crystal clear waters, beautiful scenery and in many cases with pines that reach the sea, golden sands or pearly pebbles, surely you will have the opportunity to meet and enjoy the beaches of Skyros during your vacation.

Skyros is an island with very green and natural beauties, alternating and creates breathtaking landscapes. In Atsitsa, pine trees reach to the turquoise waters of the sea, while at Pouria the rocks and the remains of the ancient Skyrian quarry create an awe-inspiring and serene landscape. On the South side of Skyros, where the environment is wild and reminiscent of the mountain, the Skyrian ponies lived there, a hallmark of Skyros, which today are threatened with extinction. The combination of mountain and sea gives the possibility to practice at many sports such as hiking, climbing, biking, windsurfing, water skiing, while is ideal for off-road trail with machine or 4 x 4 vehicles.

Around the island, there are many Byzantine churches, monuments of the Byzantine era, while the monastery of Saint George, stands proudly over the centuries, perched on the rock, full of memories and information about the island of Skyros and its life. Also, Skyros is famous for its ceramics, wooden furniture and special interior architecture of the houses. Agricultural products of Skyros are fine because the traditional production methods are largely used. Cheese, honey, herbs, fruits and vegetables and meat, fish and seafood, are the raw materials for the Skyrian kitchen.

Skyrian Horses

The Skyrian small – bodied horse maximum height 116 cm is one varest horse breeds in the world it was native to Greece and in ancient times lived throughout the country. The horses brought to the island of Skyros during the 5 th centuries BCE by Athenian colonists. It is that they were used by Alexander the Great and Achilleas. Now the ponies are often kept semi – wild ranging the mountainous interior of the island.

Skyros Carnival

The Skyrian carnival Festivity is one of the most important events. This is a tradition which goes back to the worship of Dionyssius but also to the eternal desire of man to provoke the creative powers of nature. These rites happen on each of the four weeks before clean Monday. Usually, February but the final weekend is more benefit of Greeks and foreigners.

Travelling in Skyros

Skyros can be reached from airport via Athens (by Aegean air) the Flying time from Athens to Skyros 35 minutes...

History and Culture

Skyros Island is well-known for it’s traditional architecture, it’s Byzantine caste with the monastery of Saint George.